Eating Out and Staying Slim- How to Keep It All In Proportion!


Have you noticed that over the past two decades, portion sizes in restaurants and fast food outlets have increased in size. We are all being supersized by these portions and it can be really difficult to know exactly what a healthy portion size is. The problem is the more we adapt to eating these large portions, the more we get in to the habit of piling our plates high and eating bigger meals. Unfortunately, eating bigger meals on a regular basis means we are consuming more calories and hence we are going to put on more weight.

If you eat out regularly or buy ready food from supermarkets then these tips below will give you more awareness of how to combat this problem of portion control.

Eating Out

· Remember restaurant and fast food portions are usually larger than what you have at home, so bare this in mind when you order and if you want to remember you can always share a portion of something with a friend

· If you know you are eating out in the evening, eat lighter meals during the day or take a little more exercise that day to make room for the extra food that evening.

· Choose a side salad or portion of vegetables to go with your main meal, instead of something like chips and ask for the dressing on the side or a lower calorie version of it.

· Do your homework and choose sensibly from the menu- keep in mind what you are working to achieve with your weight loss. You can have a lovely healthy meal and enjoy your evening out without having to over indulge.

Ready Meals

Although lots of supermarkets offer meal deals and two for one on products now and they are generally good value for money that is not an excuse to ruin your weight loss efforts. Choose wisely and if necessary either freeze the extra part of the deal or share it with someone else.

At the end of the day you are working to change your habits and behaviour so if you do end up eating more than you’d planned don’t worry, put this down to experience and think about how you could plan better for the next occasion. Start afresh the next day and don’t let one blip ruin your efforts or your dream of achieving your weight loss goals.

2 comments to Eating Out and Staying Slim- How to Keep It All In Proportion!

  • Hi Maria
    Some great tips – common sense really but so many forget to be sensible when it comes to food!

    • admin

      Thank you for taking the time to comment and yes you are so right. It’s so easy to get caught up in the moment and forget all our common sense: so planning ahead can be really useful to stop us sabotaging our efforts.

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