Mother’s Day – Be spoilt but don’t spoil your opportunity to be healthy and slim.

Are you looking forward to being pampered on Mother’s day? I know I am – as a mum myself I know how special I feel having my own son and my step son’s and wonderful partner around me on that Sunday. I know from personal experience that if we are eating out on Mother’s day, how easy it is to look at the menu and then think “”Oooh it’s a special occasion, so I’ll have that lovely chocolate dessert and maybe that yummy deep fried Calamari starter”. Add in a couple of glasses of wine, a rich main course and what you end up with is a mummy who feels bloated and guilty by the end of the day. It doesn’t have to be like this.

With the thoughts of Spring and Summer just around the corner, and the desire to wear gorgeous summer clothes, you don’t really want to spoil your on going weight loss. You don’t need to. You can have a great Mother’s day and still keep on track with your weight loss efforts and healthy eating.

The best advice is to plan your day so that you can have a wonderful time with your family (and some much deserved pampering) without ending up ruining your efforts along the way.

Follow these 5 simple tips below and you will have a great day and still feel good about yourself by the end of it:

1) Get out in the fresh air as a family. Go for a lovely walk in the sunshine, before you go out for dinner or go home for dinner. Run around with the kids: if they are young get on the swings and roundabouts with them. If they are older what about a kickabout or a game of basket ball?

2) If you are planning a special meal together, whether in a restaurant or at home, eat a healthy breakfast before you go. Don’t be tempted to skip breakfast so that you can fill up on treats at lunchtime, as you are more likely to go for sugary treats and over eat because you are ravenous.

3) If you are eating out, eat only what you order. Don’t be tempted to pick at the kids leftovers or the bit of pudding that cannot be finished. You are not a dustbin, so don’t behave like one!

4) Watch out for the alcohol. Intersperse a glass of wine with a glass of water. Don’t let someone else fill your glass for you as it is so easy to lose track of what you are drinking.

5) After your main course, drink some water and wait for 15 minutes. This will give your body enough time to register what you have eaten and you may find that you actually then don’t want a pudding. It also gives you quality time with your family to chat and catch up, in a relaxed setting without rushing.

By planning ahead in this way and being more aware of your actions and behaviour you can enjoy a lovely relaxed day and still be healthy and on track by the end of the day. Remember, spoil yourself, be spoilt, but don’t allow your special day to spoil your vision of becoming slimmer and wearing those wonderful summer clothes.

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