The Ultimate Success Model for Achieving Goals

Most people who are successful use a formula for succeeding. This model which contains 4 simple steps below is a proven way to achieve whatever it is that you desire. Try it for yourself and see how successful you can be:

1) Decide What You Want – You need to be precise, as clarity is imperative. Otherwise you are going around in circles without any clear direction, or you are at the pull and push of other people’s goals ( if you need help on this see my earlier blog on Turning Dreams into Reality)

2) Take Action – Desire to do something, trying to do something or thinking about doing something will not get you what you want. You must take action. (If you need help with this see my earlier blog on Turning Dreams into Reality and Taking Action)

3) Notice What is Working – and keep doing it.

4) Flexibility – Change your approach until you achieve what you want. Be flexible, if something isn’t working, try something else. There is no point keeping going with something that is worthless and not working.

Remember the real purpose of a goal is what is what it makes you as a human being, how you grow and develop, what you learn, how you overcome obstacles as you work towards achieving your goals. This really is the ultimate reward, as well as achieving the outcome.