Turning Dreams into Reality & Taking Action

So now you have turned your dreams into SMART goals, then next step is to take action!

Before you start, I want you to just consider the following two sentences:

”I’m trying to lose weight”

“I am losing weight”

Which one is the more believable and powerful? The second one is clearly.

Note, there is a big difference between “trying to do something” – this hints at lack of commitment and taking action. Trying is not the same as taking action.
Sometimes when we set goals we can feel overwhelmed as we look at the big picture of the outcome and for some people that is enough to stop them in their tracks. Therefore, they don’t take action and they don’t achieve their goals.

So if you are serious about achieving your goals then take action.

To deal with overwhelm you need to chunk the goal down into manageable chunks of action. What will you need to do first, then what? Then what? Make a plan of action so that you are clear about the steps you need to take to get to your goal.

Then ask yourself:”What is the first step I can take today towards achieving my goal?” and do it. With the weight loss example, it may be getting information about healthy food to eat; it may be stocking your fridge and cupboards with those foods and giving away the unhealthy stuff; it may be going out for some exercise, it may be getting some help or advice. Whatever it is BEGIN NOW.

One step is a manageable chunk size for most people and guess what as each day you keep taking those steps, one at a time, you will eventually look back and realise that you have come a long way towards your goal, thereby building unstoppable momentum towards your success!

In the next blog I will give you the ultimate success formula towards achieving your goals in 4 easy steps. Until then, take that first action now!