How to Enjoy Christmas, Maintain a Healthy Weight–without Feeling Deprived or That You are Missing Out.


Whilst Christmas time means an opportunity for eating a lot more than usual, it also means that we have a little extra time on our hands to become more active. In the next few days I will share with you five tips that will ensure you have a wonderful Christmas and arrive in the New Year without those old feelings of guilt about how you have put on an abundance of weight during the festive season – because following these tips means that you will be in control and mindful, but without any feelings of deprivation or sacrifice.

Tip 1
Remember the 80/20 principle. You don’t want to deprive yourself over the holiday season, but equally you don’t want to pile on those extra pounds. So eat, drink and be merry for a couple of days (20% of the festive break) and then be mindful of your food choices for the remainder of the holiday ie the remaining 80%. That doesn’t necessarily mean missing out. Next week in Tip 2 I will share  how you can achieve this.

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