The Second Common Emotion That Can Make You Fat is……

I am now going to reveal the second emotion that can make you put on weight and sabotage your efforts. Are you ready for this one? It is a common one that women can feel at certain times in the month or at certain periods in their life. It is:


If you have a feeling that you cannot be bothered with anything and your general attitude is “oh what’s the point?” then you are suffering with apathy.

This “low, flat” feeling can make you over-indulge and eat things that you know are not healthy or good for you. This can lead to even more weight gain and the feelings of apathy can increase to hopelessness as you start to think “I’m never going to lose weight. I’m never going to be slim. I’m never going to be able to wear my lovely clothes again.” Feeling like this can make you sabotage yourself even more and leads to a downward spiral.

To over come this, you need to break this cycle.

Sit down and think about why you wanted to lose weight in the first place. Think about what will losing weight do for you? How will being simmer make you feel? What will you say to yourself when you are slimmer? What will you be able to do when you have lost the weight, that you can’t do now? Write this down and as you do so you will notice that you start to reconnect with your motivation again to be that person and this will help you get on track.

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