Do you know the Three Common Emotions that Make You Fat?

So many women eat because of their emotions and not necessarily because they are hungry. There are three common emotions that can really make you pile on the pounds and today I’ll share the first one with you and how to deal with it differently.

The first emotion that can make you fat is Fear

If you are fearful and worry about everything; if one of your deep underlying emotions is fear, then you will find it difficult to let go of anything, even your weight!
Perhaps you find yourself eating when you are feeling fearful, or anxious: It’s like trying to stuff down those anxious emotions with food.

Another option to deal with this type of eating is instead of reaching for the biscuit tin, is to sit down and write down what exactly you are frightened of. Just write it all down, let all of your fears flow onto a piece of paper. When you take a look at them, you will realise that most of them are projections in to the future eg” What if this happens? What if I can’t find another job? What if he leaves me? What if I can’t find the money? etc .

Now from life experience, you will realise that most of the things we worry about don’t actually happen, or they don’ happen in the way that we project they are going to happen. They may never happen!

Now next to each fear, write down what possible options you could have with dealing with this fear if it were to happen. What action could you take, who could you ask for help, what resources could you draw upon. This will start to empower you to realise that if the worse happened you would deal with it. The final step is to fold up the paper and put it away – maybe have a “worry” box where you dump all of these worries, put the lid on and let go of the worry now. Concentrate on the present moment knowing that you have already made a plan of action if the worse was to happen. It’s all there in your worry box!

Releasing your worries and externalising them will help you to get them out of your body and therefore you wont keep trying to stuff them down inside you by reaching for the next bar of chocolate. This strategy acknowledges your worries, externalises them and puts you into a solution space before the fear has become reality – this gives you a chance to “let go” of the worry and get on with something else, knowing that if the worse were to happen you have already make a plan of how to deal with it

Watch this space in the next few days, to find out the second common emotion that could get you piling on the pounds and how to deal with it…..

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