Ladies, Can You Keep A Secret?

Would you like to know the secret of losing weight and creating an image that fits with the successful you? Are you fed up of being overweight? Are you unhappy with the image of you that you see in the mirror? Would you be interested in an easier way to lose weight, feel great, and not be hungry all the time? If your answer is YES, then let me share the secret with you.

 The secret is that diets don’t work! You may lose weight, but once you “come off”the diet, you put the weight back on and usually end up even heavier than when you started. Now, there is an easier way to lose weight, banish overeating and not be hungry all the time.

The “SLIM” course provides you with an easy solution to help you withyour weight loss plan. This two day course, running at the Holiday Inn, Sutton, Surrey on 9th & 10th April 2011 will help you to address the subconscious issues that cause you to gain weight, overeat and create negative eating habits in the first place. This course will help you lose weight without the pain of dieting, by giving you the tools to help you stop your cravings, deal with emotional eating, provide expert nutritional advice and an understanding of how your body works to lose weight.

You can achieve a healthy weight loss by eating normal food, even if youare someone who normally gives up on diets.  You can succeed by retraining your brain to eat less, feel less hungry and get the body you love. You can retrain your brain to transform “fat” thinking into “SLIM” thinking.

This life changing two days will utilize nutritional expertise, combined with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnotherapy helping you to create long lasting weight loss comfortably and with ease.

Early Bird special Group Offer book your place on the course before 21st March for only £99 (usual price £199)

For More Information and to book your place contact: Maria Furtek 07932 637393

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