The Secret to Losing and Maintaining Weight Loss with Ease

Most of us know what we should and should not be eating. We also know that we should be exercising regularly. So why don’t we do it?

The secret is that weight is a psychological issue. It is the subconscious patterns that drive us and the subsequent behaviours that we have created that sabotage our attempts to lose weight comfortably and with ease.

To lose weight easily and maintain it, we need to understand our own individual thought processes and patterns that make us eat the way we do and then work with these to reprogramme them so that they support us in achieiving our weight loss goals.

The new 2 day “SLIM” course running on Sat 9th April and Sun 10th April 2011 at the Holiday Inn Sutton, Surrey, will provide you with the insights, tools and strategies to achieve this. You will be able to explore your individual patterns of behaviour and will learn how to manage your own cravings, eating behaviour and emotions that lead to over eating. This will be a supportive, non judgemental, validating environment in which to finally understand yourself and your body and to make changes that will faciliate your achievement of permanent weight loss and a healthier you. 

Maria Furtek and Alma Griffith are highly experienced NLP coaches, Hypnotherapists and Trainers and their experience combined with expert nutritional expertise will ensure you learn the secrets to lose weight, whilst eating normal food and not having to go through the painful cycle of dieting deprivation.

Early Bird Offer – Book your place on the course for £199 before 31st March and bring a friend for only an additional £20. Price includes all materials, and refreshments but not lunch. For more details and to book your places, contact Maria on 020 8395 5471. Places are limited to ensure personal attention and support. Make the decision that 2011 will be the year you finally lose that excess weight, so that you can look in the mirror and see the person you are meant to be. These two days will be fun, experiential and certainly life changing!

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