Diets don’t work.Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Does!

I couldn’t agree more with the article in the Times on Saturday 13th February (Body and Soul section) which talks about fat being a psychological issue. One of my specialist areas is working with clients who wish to lose weight using NLP and Hypnotherapy. From my experience people do not tend to over eat because they are hungry, but rather because of boredom, unhappiness, loneliness, stress or other emotional reasons, but mainly reasons that are in the head. Most diets, as it states in the Times article, are ” a physical solution to a psychological problem” and hence whilst you can often lose weight by going on a diet, once you “come off” the diet and return to your normal eating patterns and behaviour, the weight piles back on again.

 For diets to really work, you need to break the pattern of behaviour that has led to the weight gain in the first place. This means dealing with the underlying causes of these behaviours; the fat is really a symptom of something usually more deep rooted. This is why Hypnotherapy and NLP really do work with weight loss and weight control. These creative techniques  allow you to explore these underlying issues and help you to reprogram your mind and create new behaviours,  which will support you in achieving your goal of weight loss and a healthier you.

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