Are you struggling with anxiety, stress, confidence or weight issues?

Let me help you take back control.

With over 20 years’ experience as a professional Integrated NLP Hypnotherapist, Wellbeing and Therapeutic Coach, specialising in these issues, I can empower you to overcome them, so that you feel free to enjoy your life again. Read more

As an Integrated NLP Hypnotherapist, Wellbeing and Therapeutic Coach, I am able to offer you a lot more than other Hypnotherapists. I work with you to overcome general anxiety disorders, panic attacks, intrusive thoughts, lack of confidence and issues around weight and I can teach you the skills to deal with your issues so that they are no longer controlling you or your life.

I have a huge toolbox of professional skills to draw upon, so that we are not limited by the boundaries of one single approach: this means that I can offer you a bespoke service to address your individual needs and problems. Unlike many other Hypnotherapists, I use a combination of Counselling skills, IEMT (Integral Eye Movement Therapy) Coaching Skills, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), alongside Hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming: behavioural change, communication, and personal development skills) to support you with your mental and emotional wellbeing, offering you the opportunity for personal growth and lasting change.

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In addition to working with you therapeutically, I have the skills to teach you powerful self-management tools, showing you how to take back control of your issues and this is the difference that makes the difference in terms of creating lasting change.

I balance professionalism, with compassion and empathy to support you every step of the way on your journey to overcoming your issues; equipping you with the resources needed to manage your challenges to enable you to cope with life successfully.

I am passionate about working with you to overcome and deal with stress and anxiety as this is something I personally suffered with in my late teens and early 20’s. It was debilitating and it was my own personal journey trying to find a way to overcome this that led me into this field of work. (Read more about me)

As well as working with my own clients, I am an NHS trained Health & Wellbeing Coach, working within the NHS with patients referred by their GP’s who are experiencing a range of physical, mental and emotional health issues. This is part of a project that is contributing to a new paradigm shift in the NHS: encouraging a more personalised approach and empowering patients through coaching to manage their health and wellbeing. I am a GHR Acknowledged Supervisor and supervise and mentor other Therapists in their business practice, supporting them to develop their skills, so that they can reach out and help more clients.


Check what my clients say 

“Maria tackled a lot of issues during our sessions, not just the one I had originally gone to her for; so the changes are multiple. I don’t let the past dominate me and I am more open to opportunities in the future. Maria is extremely professional, highly skilled, very personable and a real expert in her field.”



“I was terrified of heights and this was limiting me. After 5 sessions with Maria, I did a charity skydive, raising £1600 for charity. When in Dubai I chose to do a skydive for pleasure. There was no chance I would not succeed. Pictures to prove I can do it”.


"I was getting married and wanted to lose weight for my wedding. Working with Maria, helped me to understand the underlying issues around my habits and behaviour with food. I lost the weight and all without dieting but by using the skills Maria taught me to manage my relationship with food and to easily make healthier choices. (My husband to be lost weight too, so an added bonus!). I would highly recommend Maria."


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Maria Furtek B.A.(Hons), PGCE, NLP Master Practitioner, PPDL Certified NLP Trainer and GHR Acknowledged Supervisor, Dip.Hyp. Senior Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice, Licensed IEMT Practitioner, Certificate Counselling skills & Theory, Cert. Reiki II. GHR, ANLP & CNHC Reg.